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Carpet Cleaning Services in Dhaka

Are you looking for carpet cleaning services near you? It is important to clean carpets when they become very dirty. The carpet cleaning professionals at Pest N Clean can help you when you need to have your carpets cleaned.

You have to be careful when looking for a carpet cleaning service since not every company will get rid of the stains and provide the deep cleaning you need. There’s nothing more frustrating than paying for a service that doesn’t deliver what you expected.

It is possible to restore your carpets to their original appearance by choosing the right equipment, techniques, and products. Dirt will almost always need to be removed by shampooing and extracting.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Dhaka - কার্পেট ক্লিনিং সার্ভিস

Why Regular Carpet Cleaning is Important

Our professional carpet cleaners will care for all your carpeting needs without causing any damage. It may even be necessary to dry clean your carpets in some cases. At Pest N Clean, we handle it all.

Your carpets must be clean, so your employees don’t suffer from allergies or illnesses. There is no doubt that carpets become filthy over time and can trap dust mites, pollutants, and even mold. Regular carpet cleaning prevents your carpets from becoming hazardous and makes the surrounding area safer.


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You won’t have to worry about the quality of our professional carpet cleaning service. Using high-quality carpet cleaners will eliminate pollutants and dust and keep mold from growing in high-humidity areas.

A healthier environment can be created by professional carpet cleaning—no need to worry about the pollutants trapped in the carpet being released.

Whatever you’re cleaning, dust, dirt, or particles, you’ll get rid of them all with the exemplary carpet cleaning service. These pollutants can release toxic gases that can trigger reactions in our bodies.

A professional carpet cleaning service can remove these pollutants from your carpets. They usually escape through vacuuming.

Home Carpet Cleaning Services

The carpet in every home needs to be cleaned at least once a week or once a month in order to keep it healthy and hygienic. Maybe you don’t have the time to clean your small carpet or your big carpet, or you don’t know how to clean your carpet thoroughly.

You don’t have to worry about deep cleaning services with PEST N CLEAN. The cleaning equipment we use on our team is capable of reaching high distances in certain circumstances. In order to reach carpets that are difficult to reach, we use our portable humidity cleaning setup.

Are you looking for professional carpet cleaning services in Dhaka? You are in the right place. Pest N Clean Cleaning Service provides all types of cleaning services in Dhaka and all parts of Bangladesh. Our expert carpet cleaning services are performed with great pride in your family home or at your business.

Equally significant, carpets are beautiful additions to any home. A problem arises if you have a surface that traps dust, such as carpets and rugs. The situation can be particularly challenging for people with asthma or other respiratory problems.

In order to maintain the healthy air quality in your home, it is vital to keep your carpets clean regularly. However, they can be a pain to clean as well. We provide the best carpet cleaning service in your area.

If your carpet is stained, muddy, or dirty, we can remove it. Mechanical pile lifting begins our professional carpet cleaning procedure, as noted above. Our carpet cleaners will handle each carpet with care, and we will use only non-harmful cleaning solutions.

Our team of experts uses the highest-quality detergents available on the market and the most advanced carpet-cleaning machines, allowing us to:

  • Deep cleaning a carpet removes dirt and dust
  • The purpose of this is to kill bacteria pollution resulting from daily use
  • Food, beverages, animal stains, and other stains may be removed with this method.

Choose Pest N Clean for Carpet Cleaning Service in Dhaka

We offer high-quality professional carpet cleaning in Dhaka seven days a week.

We have special rates for both residential and commercial properties. Our clientele includes homeowners in small, medium, and large properties, landlords, and facility managers in large office buildings.

Contact us today for more information on our current special offers. We will provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you may have about our carpet cleaning service!

We are carpet cleaning specialists in Dhaka. With many years of experience, you can rely on our carpet cleaners to provide a service that is second to none in your home or business. Our best carpet cleaning service in Dhaka includes the following features and benefits:

  • Technicians who are skilled and knowledgeable
  • Powerful steam cleaning for the best deep-down cleaning
  • Methods that are effective without causing damage to your carpet or voiding the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Cleaning products that are safe for children and pets
  • Service that is fully insured
  • Give us a call for a free quote!

We carefully select the right cleaning products to ensure your carpet receives a deep clean every time while protecting the environment to the greatest extent possible.

Unbeatable results at a competitive price are almost guaranteed, which is why a large portion of our work comes from referrals from many satisfied customers.

Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Dhaka

When you book our high-quality carpet cleaning in Dhaka, you can expect the following:

  • Moving furniture and other items limits our ability to provide optimal cleaning.
  • Vacuum the entire area thoroughly
  • Stains, dirty patches, and high-traffic areas should be pretreated.
  • Scrub thoroughly and steam clean
  • Cleaning and deodorizing cleaned areas

Even the best-kept carpets will get a spill from coffee, wine, or a pet. Our professional cleaners specialize in spot and stain removal and can remove common household stains such as food, make-up, and paint.

If a spill occurs, blot it with a towel rather than rubbing it. Press to absorb moisture, then contact us to have your carpet professionally cleaned so it looks new.

To avoid stains, inquire about our long-lasting carpet protector treatments, which will protect your carpets, upholstery, curtains, and mattresses.

Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Dhaka

Many homeowners believe that their carpets are clean because they cannot see any dirt on the carpets. Even regular vacuuming does not guarantee that you will always have a clean carpet.

Vacuum cleaning may be sufficient for removing dust particles that can cause respiratory illnesses, but what about dried-in stains from spilled beverages and foods?

Carpets can harbor germs if not properly maintained, which is especially concerning if small children crawl on the floor while playing with their toys. Remember that children have a strong desire to put everything in their mouths.

They will constantly pick up their toys and transport them to their mouths while playing on the carpet. You can imagine how much bacteria they consume if your carpets are filthy.

Due to all the risks of dirty carpets in the home, it is essential to find a professional company whose services get effective results. This is because they know how to clean your carpets well and won’t leave any dried stains that can grow germs on the floor.

Professionals have machines and cleaning methods that most people don’t have yet, which is why they are the right choice for taking care of your carpets. It’s imperative to remember that not all Dhaka carpet cleaning services will give you the most effective results.

As a result, you also need to know how to choose the right ones.

How to choose the best carpet cleaning company

Finding a reputable company is paramount when looking for carpet cleaning services in Dhaka. There are a lot of companies you will find that use the internet to position themselves as the top ones.

However, they do not have the proper resources to provide the cleaning services they claim to provide. When you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets, think about the following:

Methods they use: There are many ways to kill a rat, and there are many ways how to clean a carpet. It is imperative to remember that rugs are made from various fabrics, each requiring its techniques.

Your ideal company should demonstrate that they have the necessary equipment and expertise to clean your type of carpet. This is to avoid the rugs being damaged due to the process.

You can always find out which cleaning method is suitable for your carpet by looking at the manufacturer’s tag that came with it.

The actual services provided: this carpet cleaning service entails more than simply running the cleaner over the carpets. Other ancillary activities such as furniture removal, stain pre-treatment, deodorizing, and so on should be included in a suitable carpet cleaning company’s package without additional charges.

Pricing: Finally, the cost of services should be commensurate with the type of services provided. Ideally, you should compare quotes from various companies and request references to determine if the services provided are proportionate to the price requested. It is wise, however, not to always go for the cheapest option, as low-cost services can sometimes prove costly in the long run.

Why should you choose our carpet cleaning services?

We’ve been in this business for several years, and our interactions with various homeowners have allowed us to hone our skills and become experts in our field.

We use advanced cleaning methods, such as hot water extraction, that are safe and will not harm your carpets.

Furthermore, we have highly trained technicians who are well-versed in advanced stain removal techniques.

Another indication of how serious we are about providing you with quality services is that we are fully insured. This means that you do not have to worry about any mishaps that may occur while we are working on your property.

Furthermore, we provide very affordable domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services in Dhaka.

We also offer emergency carpet cleaning services for spills and stains after parties.

We only use biodegradable products that are safe for your carpets and will leave them looking and smelling like new.

Make the wise decision to hire professional carpet cleaners. You will notice a significant difference in the quality of our services as well as the hygiene of your carpets. We are simply the best carpet cleaners in Dhaka!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

We are expert carpet cleaners in Dhaka and will do everything possible to ensure you get the desired results. If you have a valid complaint about carpet cleaning, we will re-clean it for free.

Cleaners such as these are among the best carpet cleaning services. In addition to advanced cleaning equipment, our cleaners use the most recommended carpet cleaning methods, such as hot water extraction and low moisture cleaning. This ensures immediate and effective results.

Our carpet cleaning process

When you contact us for carpet cleaning, we will come to your place to inspect the fabric and look for heavy soiling and stains. These evaluations will assist the cleaning professional in determining the best method for cleaning your carpet.

If your carpet has stains or heavy soiling, the expert will use unique carpet cleaning solutions to pre-treat these areas. The cleaning professional will steam and dry clean your carpet after pretreatment.

Our professional carpet cleaners will wear protective overshoes during the cleaning process and place special pads under your furniture.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet cleaning is necessary to keep your carpets looking their best and prolong their lifespan. Carpet cleaning services specialize in cleaning carpets and removing stains, dirt, and other contaminants that can accumulate over time. These services can be hired regularly, such as annually or every few months, or on an on-demand basis.

One of the primary advantages of hiring a carpet cleaning service is that it can eliminate dirt and stains that regular vacuuming cannot. Over time, carpets accumulate a lot of dirt and other particles.

A professional cleaning service can deep clean the carpet, removing all of this dirt and leaving it looking new. Furthermore, professional cleaning services have the necessary equipment and solutions to remove difficult stains, such as wine and pet stains, that are difficult to eliminate with standard cleaning methods.

Another advantage of hiring a carpet cleaning service is improving indoor air quality. Carpets can trap pollutants like dust, pet dander, and allergens, contributing to poor indoor air quality. These pollutants can be removed by a professional cleaning service, improving the overall air quality in your home.

One of the main pros of using a carpet cleaning service is that it removes dirt and stains that regular vacuuming may not be able to eliminate. Carpets can accumulate dust and other particles over time. A professional cleaning service can deep clean the carpet, removing all of this dirt and leaving it looking new. Additionally, professional cleaning services have the necessary equipment and solutions to remove tough stains, such as wine and stains caused by pets. These stains are difficult to remove with standard cleaning methods.

However, there are also cons to hiring a carpet cleaning service. One of the main cons is the cost. Carpet cleaning services can be expensive, and the price can vary depending on the size of your home, the type of carpet, and the level of soiling. Additionally, some cleaning solutions used by professional cleaning services may contain chemicals that can harm pets, children, or people with allergies or asthma.

When choosing a professional house cleaning service, clearly communicating your specific needs and preferences with the company is imperative. This will ensure that the service is tailored to meet your requirements and that you are delighted with the results.

Professional house cleaning services are a convenient and effective way to keep your home clean and organized without spending time and effort yourself. With the right company, you can trust that your home will be in good hands.


See our FAQs (Questions and Answers) section for questions about carpet cleaning services.

How often should carpets be cleaned?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpet professionally cleaned once a year. Carpets should be professionally cleaned every 3 to 6 months for people with allergies or breathing problems, such as asthma.

How long do carpets take to dry?

The drying time depends on how dirty the carpet is, how much water is used, the weather, and the air circulation in your home. Carpets should dry in 8 to 12 hours in most cases.

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

We charge per room type and size, such as bedroom carpet, lounge carpet, and so on. However, significant soiling will add to the cost of the job, and minimum booking charges apply.


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